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Painting with All Ages, Tuesdays at the BoHo

BoHo Studio presented its first “All Ages Paint Party” last night. I was excited to paint with my Mother, Lucy, and thrilled at the idea that families can spend quality time together being creative. Last nights very young children did an amazing job and painted fearlessly and with much concentration to achieve their masterpieces! I am blessed that […]

The Artful Life (con’t) Max Out This Day!

Within our day to day routines, and our preconceived notions of what we should be at this or that age, sometimes we forget, or we lose confidence, or, we think it is too late, or a hundred other reasons creep in, that tell us why we are better off not starting something new or doing […]

The Artful Life

What is an artist? An artist is a person who approaches life with an inner knowing of the joyous creative potential that exists within every moment and every task. It is the ability to see that the lives we have built around us can be our canvas, and that we have the magic within us […]

What is Karma?

Its something that puzzles me, when I hear people speak of karma like it is the revenge the universe… where the forces that be “teach you a lesson” Karma is the simple and universal law of cause and effect. Many people talk of karma as if it is something to be afraid of …like the all seeing, […]

A Painting for Father…”Four Directions” Your Location or Mine

An event created for Fathers Day,  …an image for Dad’s to paint with their sons or daughters or partners.   Or a painting to create to give as a very special Fathers Day gift , or a memorial piece you give to yourself in memory of your father. However it brings meaning to you, we do […]

Open Heart, Open Mind, Open House!

“On a day when the wind is perfect, the sail just needs to open and the world is full of beauty”   Rumi Saturday was that perfect wind, that brought the world of beauty to our open door and filled our sails with gratitude for the amazing family and friends that are our safe harbour. As one weekend of joy […]

Presenting…My Story (Boho Studio Opens!!)

Its been a fascinating rollercoaster ride through the peaks and valleys of the life that led up to today. Today I stood back and looked at the body of work I have laid out for tomorrows Studio Opening. I must admit, it was with a great amount of pride that I sat painting after painting on […]

Life is a Carnival

Ever feel like things just work out so perfectly? Ever throw some ingredients together and have a perfect meal come out of it unexpectedly?  Or toss on a dress that you’ve worn dozens of times before but all of a sudden everyone is telling you how great your outfit is? Or maybe put out some […]

Canadian “May Two Four” Celebration

After every long Canadian winter, “mild” or not, there are few weekends so celebrated as the wonderful Victoria Day holiday that falls sometimes near  and sometimes  not so near the 24th of May. I think back to when we were in our late teens and early 20’s, going camping on the Victoria Day weekend was mandatory to continue […]

Guatemala Fundraiser a Loving Success!

On Saturday May 14th, I had the privilege of guiding an artistic event with proceeds going to the Guatemala Women’s Wellness Mission. What a wonderful experience, combining charity and service with art and socializing. Leslie Crawford and the Guacamole Girls (10 Brantford women heading to Guatemala to provide women there with PAP testing in July) […]
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