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New Year in Ridgeway

Although every day and every moment, we are presented with the opportunity for a new beginning, the coming of a new year seems particularly inviting to start fresh. Maybe a new healthy eating plan, a promise to connect with family or friends more often, take up photography, learn Spanish. Sometimes we forget, or we lose […]

Holiday Artistry Dec 22 & Dec 29!

What a great night we had last Thursday, painting Soul Sisters was such a blast, seeing how different each painting was from the next. I’m super excited about Christmas and the holidays! It has been a picture perfect year, with a gorgeous spring, a hot and almost everyday sunny summer, a warm and magnificently colorful […]

Trailside Bar & Grill Art Parties!

Two of Ridgeway’s best have teamed up for double fun and good times!! Trailside Bar & Grill and BoHo Studio bring you Art Party Nights! Join us at Trailside Bar & Grill for the perfect mix of creativity and connection. Try a $5. martini, enjoy 2 for 1 apps, and create a painting!…you’ll love your […]

Gifts That People Keep

In the homes of my friends and family, many décor changes have taken place over the years. paint colors go in and out of style, furniture loses its appeal, carpeting is replaced. One thing I notice that has stayed over decades in the homes of the people I know, are pieces of artwork I have […]

Return of an All Time Favorite! Thursday Dec 1st 7 to 9!

This may be the most popular of all of the paintings we have done here at the BoHo. By popular demand we will do this painting this Thursday. This project features the use of multiple artist tools and techniques, you will shock yourself with what you will accomplish, and perhaps you will proudly give this […]

The Artist Defined

What is an Artist? An artist is a person who approaches life with an inner knowing of the joyous creative potential that exists within every moment and every routine task. It is the ability to see that the lives we have built around us can be our canvas, and that we have the magic within […]

Music & the Senior Citizen

Nowadays, or maybe always!…anyone over the age of fifty is considered to be a senior citizen. I am dreading the first time someone automatically gives me the seniors discount. That’s gonna sting. It won’t likely be in an HMV store or a night club. Since these days I seem to be the oldest person in […]

How Do I Love Thee…Let Me Count the Ways

“A man standing next to me on New Year’s Eve casually asked what I did for a living. I told him I managed my mom’s psychology business, to which he replied, “Do you know there’s one answer to your clients’ problems? It’s simple: have a love affair with yourself. But don’t tell them that, or […]

Elemental Women

I am so excited to begin a new collection of paintings this fall!  The most wonderful thing about it is that I have no idea what it will consist of , what the inspiration will be and what will unfold before me.  I have experienced the reality of being a vessel into which the force of creative energy […]
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