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Elemental Women

I am so excited to begin a new collection of paintings this fall!  The most wonderful thing about it is that I have no idea what it will consist of , what the inspiration will be and what will unfold before me.  I have experienced the reality of being a vessel into which the force of creative energy pours, but beyond that I have little to do with it.

This type of creativity has a magical feeling to it and is as exhilarating as anything I have ever experienced.  There is no sketch, no preconceived image or idea, I just let the paint (or plaster or whatever) lead me to the beginning , the middle and the end of what it will become and I shake my head as I witness what presents itself to me, through me!

The last time this happened was in the series “Elemental Women.”

I started with painting watery random backgrounds and let the paintings reveal themselves one by one. Each seemed to represent a part of myself that was being called forth during the period of their conception. These are the works I am most proud of to date and I am pleased to share them with you over the next few weeks.

I have named them and I know what they mean to me but I would be most intrigued to hear what you would name each one and what you perceive from first glance at the image. At the bottom of the post I will list the name I have given and my interpretation.

This is the background….



Then it became this….

p1010287 vapour


This painting I call “Vapour”

An ethereal feminine mist floating above the clouds, moving unseen and without restraint toward her astral destination.

Prints are for sale starting at 20.





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