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The Secret of Ridgeways Magic

My posts have consistently been gushing about Ridgeway, Crystal Beach, how much I love it, how much there is to do, how unique and amazing the happenings are etc. I have now come to learn what fuels the Ridgeway Magic Machine…

The Ridgeway BIA!
This is the very small group of busy business owners & generous people who volunteer their precious time all year to making cool things happen in our village. (Ridgefest, Spirit of Christmas, planting and hanging flowers, putting up Christmas lights etc ) The Town of Fort Erie does not do any of these things, it is all the BIA. I was shocked to discover this! I always just took for granted that, in any place I have lived, well paid city employees were looking after all of the beautification and seasonal work involved on a 9 to 5 basis. I have come to know that without this handful of hardworking community minded people putting in overtime hours, on a volunteer basis, none of these things would happen. They do all they can with their small numbers, are not paid for their efforts, but do it happily because they love this town. They hear complaints and criticism, but rarely do critics offer to help find solutions or offer a hand.
Local involvement is needed, to help to make these events possible, and to bring fresh ideas, and talents to this flourishing culture we have.

The Fall Festival committee is looking for volunteers to give just 4 hours to help make this fun event happen. I saw the post asking for help and I also saw there were no responses. I feel that perhaps the request for volunteers was posted in the wrong place and wasn’t seen. So here I am trying to get the word out, and hoping to raise awareness that without the community spirit and even minimal involvement of more merchants and residents in town, these things will stop happening. That scares me.

When I came to Ridgeway, I wanted to get to know people, to get involved, to have a say. If there was an idea I had or something I wished was different, I wanted to share it in a constructive way with my neighbors. The best thing we ever did was to seek out and join the RBIA.
I am not on the board nor am I an organizer, I am just an appreciative resident and a merchant in the Business Improvement Area of Ridgeway, who has seen the hard work done by the same merchants all the time, and the results they have achieved! I am busy but I can volunteer a mere 4 hours to help out and I think it will be fun!
I love how this village offers so much, how everyone knows each other for the most part, and supports each other in business and pleasure. If anyone has 4 hours only…to volunteer in some capacity, I can connect you with the organizers. It is a fun way to get to know people, to feel community spirit, and to give back to the community and the culture that we all enjoy!
Thats all folks, just sayin….
PS- I will be painting pumpkins with the kids in the square on Sept 30th at Ridgeway Fall Festival.2032445692-comm_20devlpmt_20wordle_1_[1]so please sign up on my website, its only $5. (which covers pumpkins and paint) and I am happy to be involved.

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