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Hey Goddess Girls, Lets Celebrate the Fantastic Fact that we are Divinely Feminine!

What kind of woman do we want to be?
What do we want?
To become the woman you want to be , you have to understand what motivates and inspires you. What are the forces that are shaping your life today?
And what inner longings and dreams are you ignoring? Important yearnings that you are putting at the bottom of every “to do” list or putting on the shelf until someday.
These are the areas which you run the risk of leaving this life unfulfilled forever. Big topic. Fabulous topic.
Come join us next Friday at a special time – 6 to 8 and paint your Goddess, we will use color and conversation to remind ourselves who we are when we let the power of the feminine divinely elevate us… drop the pre soaking, grease cutting, calorie counting, car pooling, phone charging, crazy life we all live taking care of the masses…and listen to the voices of the goddesses clamouring inside us who want to come out and play…This Friday…we play and paint 6 to 8…followed by the Boho Boys live music open jam to midnight if you can swing it!

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