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Music & the Senior Citizen

Nowadays, or maybe always!…anyone over the age of fifty is considered to be a senior citizen. I am dreading the first time someone automatically gives me the seniors discount. That’s gonna sting.
It won’t likely be in an HMV store or a night club. Since these days I seem to be the oldest person in either place, the “20 something” who waits on me will just think I am much younger than I look. LOL, light bulb moment. I think that may explain it.
It seems only a few years ago, (but it was more like multiple decades) that I was a newbie on the concert scene, but got up to speed very quickly. There have been few things in this life that have brought more entertainment and fun than seeing talented people perform their works of art in a live setting. As with other intangibles, like vacations or museum experiences, an opera, or ballet, live performances can only be experienced by the person attending. It’s a case of “You had to be there”, the experience is non transferrable in words or pictures. It is a multi sensory experience, always exhilarating, sometimes extremely joyful, as in dancing and singing with 15000 people, and sometimes, an almost spiritual involvement. I can fully understand why gospel choirs evoke the collective energy of a church congregation, because that is what live music does to me, and the fact that the words don’t come for a hymn book does not matter, it is the soul and feeling that lies under the words that evokes the reaction.
I must admit I sometimes wonder what all those thousands of people that were my age when I discovered the magic of new live music, are listening to now, and why are they absent from all of the performances that I attend these days. There is an amazing amount of fantastic new music being made. I am so very happy that my ears have heard some of it…and some of it even live!
I don’t mind being the senior person at a concert. My beau and I have met so many great young people who are thrilled to meet us and think it is really great that we can all discover and appreciate the same music.
If you want to hear some new music done in a way that is super cool…Daryl’s House on YouTube is Daryl Hall hosting all kinds artists, seasoned and newbies. Only thing is common is they are all fantastic and it is wonderfully entertaining and delightful to watch this super fly white guy who has always been an incredible soul singer (and 1/2 of the biggest selling duo ever in music!) He is a humble master of our musical times and is sharing the new stuff by bringing them in to his “House.” Its so awesome!
I’ll be watching and I’ll be going to live shows until my senior feet can’t get me there anymore.
My love affair with music, new and old will not die until I do, so I’m really glad they came up with these “All Ages” shows! LOL
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  • Dawn Kelly says:

    Awesome Deb! Well, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! The last time I talked to Mom she was listening to a Vinyl LP of Jimmy Hendrix or someone like that and had been playing records all day. At 84 Mom would jump at the chance to see any artist play live.

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