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Gifts That People Keep

In the homes of my friends and family, many décor changes have taken place over the years. paint colors go in and out of style, furniture loses its appeal, carpeting is replaced. One thing I notice that has stayed over decades in the homes of the people I know, are pieces of artwork I have given them!
It makes me feel so good every time I see something I have created, or helped someone create, displayed in a place of honor in their home.
It warms my heart that they love these pieces of art or crafts enough that, even though rooms are redecorated over the years, these pieces are set aside and return to the rooms new look.
This Thursday we host an all ages Art Lounge Night, with the kind of painting Soul Sisters (2)2016-06-15-june-17-015that will stay on the walls of friends and family for years!!
Soul Sisters is an easy painting, using triangles, ovals and straight lines to create a primitive image of our amazing 2015-11-25-nov-30-001female connections….and we femmes know there is absolutely nothing that tops a true blue soul sister!!

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