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The Artist Defined

What is an Artist?
An artist is a person who approaches life with an inner knowing of the joyous creative potential that exists within every moment and every routine task.
It is the ability to see that the lives we have built around us can be our canvas, and that we have the magic within us to change it’s form before our very eyes. An artist is someone who knows that something beautiful can be created where it did not exist before, and that this process is constant.
An artist is anyone who sees the miraculous creative potential in each ordinary moment to manifest a new reality, a new day, a new outlook. An artist can take the mud of the past and sculpt it into a magnificent present, using the raw lessons of yesterday to mold the new today.
It is my belief that we are all artists, born to create in each moment of our lives. I love to see the look on a persons face who had told me they could nt paint a stick man, when they see what they have created. That, to me, is magical, masterful and momentous!

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