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The Joke is on the Monkey!

year of the Monkey
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Sunday mornings are for lazing, web surfing, flyer browsing, nail painting. (I know I should be at church!)
This heathen just spent 20 minutes that I will never get back reading all about the Chinese Year of the Monkey, which is coming to a close later this month to make way for the Year of the Rooster.
I am a proud monkey, with, in my opinion, many of the good qualities of a classic monkey in Chinese Astrology…playful, mischievous, silly, lively, into instant gratification …of course, I possess few of the negative aspects(LOL)
I have touted this year as “My Year” and referred many times to the power of this year and all of its promise.
Unfortunately (or fortunately) I waited until it was nearly over to really check out the details…and the year of the Monkey was a year for monkeys to use caution and avoid accidents and risks! Who Knew.
Well, this here monkey has had a fabulous year, so glad I didn’t know it was an inauspicious year for me!
In review it has been overflowing with love and luck, fun and fulfillment, opportunities and good challenges.
Had I know it was a year for caution and conservation, perhaps I would have declined the invitations that the universe sent to me and missed out on amazing moments and people and places.
Just as I thought, sometimes ignorance is bliss!
Bring on the Year of the Rooster!
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