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The Wonders of Paint

2016-08-07 Mid August 003 2016-08-07 Mid August 005 2016-08-07 Mid August 007 2016-08-15 Mid August 002 2016-08-15 Mid August 003 2016-08-16 Mid August 025 2016-08-16 Mid August 026 2016-08-16 Mid August 027 2016-08-16 Mid August 030I have always been amazed at the magic that paint can do…it can change a plain wall into a cruise ship portal, an old chair into a colorful, funky focal point of a room, a cement floor into a cobblestone walk.

This week I finished painting around the windows of the studio, and again I was amazing and the total change in the look and feel of the building. I’m posting some before and afters.

This job cost 40. to do, and maybe 10 hours, the extreme heat really slowed down the process but this shows you what you can do with one can of paint and an idea.  Let me know what you think and I am happy to hear any ideas you may have for a paint transformation!

Keep on making the world a more colorful place!


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