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Midsummer Nights Dream – June 24th

“If only we could live where it is always June”
Happy Summer, and Happy June 24th(Midsummer Nights Dream Day). According to Sarah Ban Breathnach, in her fabulous book “Simple Abundance” this is when we cast our June rose petals into the lake with wishes we plan to fulfill for ourselves before the year is out, when we dance and sing with wild abandon and cast our worries to the wind. This day we feast on the first of the years young harvest, drink the wine of last autumns grapes, gorge fresh strawberries and bask in the new summer sun, after being bathed in the brilliant moonlight of the summer solstices full lunar glory. Its all so incredibly splendid and sublime.
We have watched the trees explode in, first bud, then blossom and now full electric green splendor. The chill has left the air, replaced by warm  breezes and soothing sunshine on our skin. The tulips are gone, lilacs have faded, and now the roses have taken the stage and the cherries have a pink blush toward ripeness.
Morning comes early and darkness comes late, the first bird begins to sing between 4 and 5 am! Oh the fleeting beauty of it all.
Today we must pledge our total embrace of this summer of 2016, with all of the moments when the “need to’s” will struggle with the “want to’s”…we  must pledge from the bottom of our bohemian hearts to accept the invitation to say yes to the “want to” and “it can wait” to the rest.
It can wait until this wondrous summer dissolves into the cool. For now we are stealing every opportunity to sit by a fountain, watch a sunrise, put our feet in the waves, take a stroll, go for ice cream, look in the binoculars, sing out loud, stop at the fruit stand when you don’t need a thing.
I love this time of year, and cherish the days and nights. June is such a fantastic month, it may be my absolute favorite as it holds so much promise, anticipation, and appreciation of what is to come. I will treasure these last remaining days of this sweet month since as long as I wait for it to come, alas, it is destined to go, with the speed of a hummingbirds wings.

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